Precision analogue control loop power supply for inductive loads as electromagnets, superconducting coils, Helmoltz coils and others.

optionMonopolar or True-Bipolar current regulated 
optionlinear mode regulation for very low noise and better stability 
optionStability class 100 ppm, 10 ppm or 1 ppm version
optionNo Switch Mode Power Supply
optionOutput current from 0 A to 500 A
optionOutput power from 1 W to 100 kW
optionOutput voltage from 0 V to 1000 V
optionRemote analogue or internal 20-bit DAC control
optionTrue 24-bit ADC
optionEasy control with SCPI command
optionRS232 or Ethernet Interface, MODBUS Available

Made in France, option

CAYLAR power supplies are mainly intended to provide a very stable current to magnetic systems such as electromagnets, superconducting magnets, Helmoltz coils, particular magnetic systems, calibrated according to the load and the desired characteristics.

Our power supplies dedicated to the scientific world for more than 37 years offer very high-end performances for basic research activities.

NMR regulation loop for absolute field control.


Type Monopolar, Bipolar, from 100 to 1ppm
Current Up to 500 A
Voltage Up to 1000 V
Current Regulation symbole
Voltage Regulation symbole
Field Regulation symbole
Current sensor SHUNT or 0-FLUX DCCT
Field sensor HALL, RMN (Option)
Technology Linear technology (No switch mode power supply)
Regulation loop Analogic and Digital
Ramp Control symbole
Set Resolution (I,U,B) DAC 20-bit / Down to µV (10-6 setting)
Measurement Resolution (I,U,B) ADC 24-bit
Tolopology 2 or 4 quadrants
Stability Up to 1ppm
Stability long duration (8h) Up to 1ppm
Noise and Ripple Up to 1 mV eff + 10-6 Vn
Temperature Drifting Up to 1 ppm / °C
Ramp Control
Ramp Speed symbole
Sinusoïdal, triangular symbole
Quench Protection symbole
Control mode Current with voltage Limit
Interfaces and Controles
Drivers symbole
MODBUS symbole
Ethernet symbole
RS232 symbole
External Remote et Analog reading I, U & B symbole

Exclusif RMN regulation loop for absolute field regulation performance

Class : 1ppm, 10ppm, 100ppm


Class B1ppm 10ppm 100ppm
Noise and Ripple 1 mV eff + 10-6 Vn 2 mV eff + 10-5 Vn 3 mV eff + 10-4 Vn
High Frequency noise
Temperature Drifting 1 ppm / °C 2 ppm / °C 10 ppm / °C
Stability long duration (8h) 1 ppm 10 ppm 100 ppm
NMR Regulation 1mG (no drifting) 1mG (no drifting)

Internal protections:

optionSlew rate limit protection
optionQuench protection for SuperConducting
optionTransistor fault detection
optionExternal interlocks x3

BANDEAU de demande de renseignement :

Type (obligatoire)

Régulation (obligatoire)

Class de stabilité (obligatoire)
1 ppm10 ppm100 ppm

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