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Magnet Power Supplies

Magnet Power supplies

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Magnet Power Supply

True Linear bipolar power supply, on all the range (no switching unit) .
The power is provided by a bank of Power Operational Amplifiers.
The basic architecture of performances is in a frame of some ppm before any processing and corrections :
The Power Operational Amplifier gain is fixed by the ratio of two resistors 10ppm/C.
Range 0-400 Amperes measured by a DCCT, class 0.5ppm, linearity 3ppm, using 0.2ppm load resistors.
The zero Volt and the Voltage references are 2ppm/°C class (Analog device).
In normal mode, the setting to a PID is issued from a couple of DAC 20 bits
(4 DAC’s of 20 bits).
The measurements are done by 3 ADC’s of 32bits.
Data management provided by embedded PC X86 (PC104).
The controls can be done through a computer (RS232, Ethernet,MODBUS), or in local mode (mini pad) or externally.