Instrumentation Scientifique


Calibration services

All our products are supported for repair and calibration.
A data base includes all these instruments, with the data collected during characterisation, calibration and repairs, upgrades …
This data base guaranties the traceability of the product, on long term basis.
The stock of components is managed according long term availability.
Upgrades and replacements are qualified.

At the arrival of the instrument, an acceptance procedure is engaged as a formal INCOM INSPECTION.

If the equipment is ready, alignment/calibration is done within one week.
If non-conformances are revealed by INCOM INSPECTION, recommendations are given with prices.
Authorisation To Proceed must be given by the customer for corrective action.
Schedule can be increased by one week for repair, as a worst case.

A Certificate of calibration is issued with all the measurements attached to the used protocols, with labelling on each unit (GM, PA, Probe)

If the defect introduces suspicious Proposal for deep INCOM measurements, with a step by step comparison with statistical values (As it is compared with as to be).

  • Corrections (or not) according client's ATP.
  • Continuation with the normal protocols.